Service Offerings

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Client Representation (Includes Tenant Representation and Brokerage Services)

Includes specific services aimed at assisting and protecting the client throughout the leasing, buying or selling process; spans all phases of the real estate process from initial planning and needs assessment through negotiation, documentation, construction and ongoing building management.


Corporate Advisory Services

Capital Real Estate Partners helps corporations and institutions develop and execute strategies integrating local, regional, national and international services with specific occupancy and management objectives. Capital Real Estate Partners supports a company’s in-house real estate department, enabling clients to maximize asset values while focusing on core competencies and strategic business operations. We provide, among other services, operations and engineering, preventive/predictive maintenance, work order management, vendor contract management, process reengineering and financial reporting.


Leasing and Marketing

Recognized as a local market leader in commercial real estate brokerage, Capital Real Estate Partners provides comprehensive local market knowledge in the context of highly effective sales and leasing assistance. Capital Real Estate Partners exemplifies performance in the best interests of its clients, and does not take lightly its fiduciary obligations on their client’s behalf.Includes project leasing assignments, marketing strategy development and implementation, lease administration, database market research and tenant retention programs.


Investment Sales

Capital Real Estate Partners’ Investment Properties group provides capital markets expertise in pricing assets, accessing investors in traditional or securitized markets, investigating financing options, structuring joint ventures, and marketing single assets or multi-market portfolios.Services spanning office, industrial, retail, residential and land and including due diligence and valuation; prospective purchaser interface with preparation of listings, introduction, follow-up and status reports; preparation of marketing materials; and assistance with negotiation of purchase and sale contract, post-contract due diligence materials, and closing.


Property Management

Capital Real Estate Partners offers comprehensive asset and property-specific management services. Focused on enhancing long-term values, we utilize platforms and processes that recognize all factors affecting property, including capital and market conditions.

Property level services include: maintenance, engineering, tenant relations, risk management, purchasing and security; tenant improvements: space planning, cost engineering, construction management/bidding and project management; and financial reporting/accounting: budgeting, operations reporting, cash flow review/variance analysis, financial statements and asset reporting.


Facilities Management

Serving the corporate customer and focused on such broad areas as day-to-day operations, project management and long-term planning. Specific services include space management/redesign, human resource management, vendor contract administration, accounting services, environmental compliance, construction management, telecommunications, engineering, security, data center management, idle property maintenance, furniture inventory management and office services administration. Serves all types of commercial facilities.


Lease Auditing & Administration Services

Capital Real Estate Partners offers significant background in helping clients and attorneys to create better leases that are simpler, clearer and confirmable with respect to cost and the pass through of operating expenses, space measurement and other key economic factors. Well drafted leases reduce tenant cost and make confirmation of these costs during the term of the lease much more efficient and accurate.


Development, Construction Management & Build-to-Suit (including Land Services)

Development Services, available as an integrated package or individually, include needs definition, land acquisition, budgeting, scheduling, value engineering, technical team assembly/management, project financing/financial evaluation, design coordination, coordination of project approvals and permitting. Construction Management services include strategic planning; programming; estimating; budget control; project organization and scheduling; design; construction management; initiation and supervision of the bid process; contractor selection/negotiation; project & contract administration, accounting, reporting, schedule control, punch-list and close-out; quality control and post-construction services including move-in coordination. Build-to-Suit Services merges development and construction management into an integrated system, with increased focus on: review of financing alternatives; demographics analysis; site search and acquisition; customer facility programming.


Mortgage Brokerage Services

The biggest benefit of mortgage brokers – whose fee is almost always paid in large part by the financial institution providing the loan – is that they can offer borrowers a wider choice in rates and terms than the client might be able to get from their original lender or by searching for a new lender on their own. The key to this service is not just getting financing for a particular project for an owner; its getting the financing that mirrors the specific goals and objectives the owner has for the property. We think this service is a critical offering for our owner clients, and are confident we can offer tremendous value during the financing or re-financing process.


Financial Analysis

It’s critical that the best financial and analytical thinking be applied to decision-making with regard to sale, lease and investment transactions. After identifying clients’ cash flow, accounting and tax goals, and prospective key issues, the Financial Analysis group offers strategies for achieving optimal financial results. We can assist in financial modeling and analysis; sensitivity analysis; objectively evaluating best alternatives using sound financial tools; procvide lease vs. purchase analysis; and/or identifying the major financial statement and income-tax accounting implications of proposed transactions.


General Real Estate Consulting

We provide a broad spectrum of specialized real estate services to our clients, including:

  • Strategic consulting on real estate matters;
  • Outstanding market knowledge based on detailed market research;
  • Use of strong negotiating skills to benefit our clients;
  • Provide complete design and construction-consulting services geared to our clients needs.

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