Property Management

Property Management

Capital Real Estate Partners offers comprehensive asset and property-specific management services. Focused on enhancing long-term values, we utilize platforms and processes that recognize all factors affecting property, including capital and market conditions.

Property level services include: maintenance, engineering, tenant relations, risk management, purchasing and security; tenant improvements: space planning, cost engineering, construction management/bidding and project management; and financial reporting/accounting: budgeting, operations reporting, cash flow review/variance analysis, financial statements and asset reporting.


Facilities Management

Serving the corporate customer and focused on such broad areas as day-to-day operations, project management and long-term planning. Specific services include space management/redesign, human resource management, vendor contract administration, accounting services, environmental compliance, construction management, telecommunications, engineering, security, data center management, idle property maintenance, furniture inventory management and office services administration. Serves all types of commercial facilities.